Using Metaphors as a Dynamic Intervention in the TFHS Protocols



The Touch for Health Systematic Protocols (TFHSP) reflect a Holistic approach designed to facilitate the flow of energy and information, increase awareness and appreciation of all of the aspects of the whole Soul (all of the integral aspects of the human being- mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.) and to enhance health and well-being. The lFHSP utilizes the ancient Chinese model of subtle energy meridians integrated with the western chiropractic postural/structural emphasis; to assess the present experience of a whole person in the context of his or her uniquely lived life. We use muscle testing or monitoring, together with the person’s own subjective personal assessment to get a sense of energy balance, posture and attitude. We use various touch reflexes to balance the flow of subtle energy and re-align posture. In addition, one of the most dynamic tools for effecting subtle energy, posture and attitude is the use of metaphors which may be discussed or contemplated independently, or in conjunction with touch reflexes. When we contemplate/discuss metaphors as part of our energy balancing protocol, we extend, and enrich the meaningfulness of our lives, create new meanings, new insights, new patterns of energy flow and renew the whole Soul. The specific ways that we use metaphors creates subtle and sometimes dramatic changes in our awareness and in the balance of energy, allowing us to be conscious of our choices, to make choices that are more in harmony with our well-being in all the aspects of our Soul and life, and enhance the quality of our experience of life.

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