A Message from the President

Dear TFHKA Members and Guests.

Welcome to our 13th annual TFHKA conference (30th USA TFH conference). Adventures in Healing. On behalf of the TFHKA Board of Directors. we are looking forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time. it’s our favorite time of year in TFHKA to share moments of friendship, stories. laughter. hugs, love, energy and more, culminating an arduous past year of growth experiences for the board. This time together with our members makes our work and efforts worth the hours generously given.

As you know, our organization began in 1973 with Dr. John Thie’s Touch for Health book and training program. It was his and his wife, Carrie’s, dream to give the most unique preventative self-care program, we know of, to the families of the US and the world. There have been many changes since it’s inception including numerous tentacles of kinesiology programs that had their birthplace in Dr. Thie’s Touch for Health system. It is exciting to log on to one of the plethora of websites that are linked worldwide just to see how many of us are “linked”. by our basic “tools” of muscle testing or muscle checking or muscle monitoring, whichever you choose to call it. Nearly all the wonderful and creative websites I have perused tell the story of Dr. Goodheart and Dr. Thie. Watch for new changes to our very own website, a long time in coming. I think you will love it’s new look, content and mobility. (If you have other ideas for it, be sure to let us know.)

We want to express unlimited gratitude and appreciation to Anita More and Judy Williamson for planning our days together; to Hap and Elizabeth Barhydt for compiling and formatting the journal, yet one more time; to Judy Levin and John Varun Maguire for behind the scenes work; to Adam Lehman, the audio “director” (and photographer) to Valerie Biggs, our office manager and to anyone else who helped “get it together”

For graciously giving of their energy, time, talent and finances, we hold the highest respect to our speakers who have come from here in the US and from across the world to share their insights and information, that we might be renewed, inspired and more intelligent about what we do as a TFH instructor or practitioner. We hope you will take their information to use, not only yourself, but with family, friends, students and clients, as well. With you here with us in San Diego, we will have another successful conference.

Jan Cole, M.Ed., TFHKA President.

Your Board of Directors:
Jan Cole, President
Anita More, Conference Coordinator Marilyn Joyner, Treasurer
Debbie Benson, Board Member

Debbie Bethel, Vice President
Janet Gentle, Secretary
Yvonne Bowman, Board Member Sharon Kennick, Board Member