A, B, C’s of Meditation





The restless “Child” inside of me would not be stilled. Meditation seems so “Adult.” Surely someone else must have this problem? My colorful and playful “child” within wanted a simple, sacred, child-like ritual that she would soon look forward to doing daily.

A decade ago, I read a book called The Magical Child. I never forgot the message. Joseph Chilton Pierce, a well-known lecturer, talks of the unfolding of the “self’ in a natural, joyous way, which of course, is what happens when we get “our wires all hooked up” with Educational Kinesiology and Touch for Health.

Pierce recently wrote an equally impactful book called The Magical Child Matures and while attending his lecture I heard him state that “meditation is the most powerful tool in the universe for change”.! have always known this. Often, over the past ten years, I have tried to discipline myself in that direction. It never lasted more than a week or two.




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