Allergies: The Health Kinesiology Perspective




Many practitioners work with “allergies.” How many of them use the same definition of allergy? Some prefer not to use the word “allergy” preferring instead to call it “substance sensitivity.” However, substance sensitivity is vague and does not distinguish between “allergy” and “tolerance,” two processes which are entirely different, both energetically and physically. Clearly, comparing techniques which use differing definitions clarifies little. Likewise, claiming Technique A is better than Technique B because the “cause” is addressed, or that Technique C works better than Technique D because it works on a “deeper level” makes no sense without a thorough theoretical and practical analysis and understanding. The major point here is that without a deep understanding of the energy system, whatever one does in Kinesiology may not be as it seems. As an example of this, a discussion and demonstration of the differences between allergy and (in)tolerance will be used. I will show that clarifying these concepts will allow more precise and accurate kinesiology work to be accomplished. I will show that the same results can be accomplished by using more than one technique, by clear understanding of the body’s energy system.

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