An Effective Format for Introductory Touch for Health Classes





This is a format for teaching an Introductory Touch for Health (TFH) class based on the educational (self- responsibility) model. The sessions are designed for a weekend format, though it can easily be adapted to evening sessions. Itorganizesthepresentationofthe material so that one session builds on the previous one. All references to page numbers are from the TFH Book.

This format is meant as a guide and within the structure there is lots of room for you to put in your own creative expression. Be alive, enthusiastic and focused on your purpose of having the individuals in your class get the information while having fun. Remember that some people learn best by seeing demonstrations, pictures and written descriptions (visual). Others get the information best through analogies, stories and explanations (auditory). Still others don’t know what you are talking about until they stand up and actually do the technique in order to get a feel for it (kinesthetic). Vary your presentation so that you include all three modalities.



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