Another Deadly Sin



Parasites can and do fake diseases, Lack of information is killing us, Yes, ANOTHER DEADLY SIN has come out of the closet.

At a recent California Medical Association meeting, one expert speaker told his professional audience that worms are the unsuspected and unrecognized causes of a remarkable number of illness. What’s more, he said, most physicians are unaware of this fact, and the public, well, they know even less.

In research, what is most frequently found are parasites aggravating conditions or even causing them, PARASITES, what are they, do I have them, how did I get it, and now what do I do? In today’s world we are so wrapped up in finding Cancer and Aids cures that we are overlooking one of the probable causes, The breaking down of the immune system! These ugly worms (scientific name – Helminth) range from microscopic amoebas to 50-foot-long tapeworms, What’s more revolting is that there are more than 130 relatives, These monsters inside of our system can put extra burden on all organs and especially the liver that is already having a hard time neutralizing the affects of toxins in our food and air. Not only do we have our own waste, but the waste of these worms to deal with,

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