Appropriate Muscle Testing



The one common denominator to all our Applied Kinesiology disciplines is the necessity to clearly and simply teach and practise effective muscle checking. Whether we are directly testing the integrity of a specific muscle in Touch for Health, or simply getting a read-out of a brain stress response to a particular activity, goal or substance, it is important to have a simple and universal understanding of the process.

Over the years the languaging of energy balance has included “Switched on vs. Switched off” “Strong vs. weak”, “High Gear vs Low gear” “Locked vs. unlocked” ,etc. The terminology for energy imbalances has been equally awash with jargon: blocked, overenergy, underenergy, overfacilitated/underfacilitated, switched, stuck high gear, stuck low gear etc. What does it all mean, and how can we teach people to easily identify and work with these energy responses?

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