Are AK, EK, AP, TFH of the Devil? An Evangelical Christian’s Evaluation




One might think it strange that such a topic as this might come up at the annual Touch for Health (TFH) Convention, however, I am convinced that the time is right for this subject to be addressed.

During last year’s TFH Convention and repeatedly during the year, Christians involved in TFH have asked if “what we were doing” was acceptable from a Christian or biblical point of view. I assured them that in my judgment it was. Let me end the suspense here by stating that applied kinesiology (AK), educational kinesiology (EK), applied physiology (AP), and TFH are not of the devil. How can I make such a statement, and who am I to make such a statement? Please indulge me while I establish my credentials.

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One Thought on “Are AK, EK, AP, TFH of the Devil? An Evangelical Christian’s Evaluation

  1. A valuable resource for those who have concerns about whether using TFH corresponds with religious or spiritual principles of evangelical Christian and/or Baptist faiths. Since we have a lot of those in the USA, it is interesting to consider for those who might not share those religious affiliations, but nevertheless will undoubtedly work with Christians and may need to support them in determining for themselves if TFH fits with their beliefs or rules for themselves.

    Personally this question does come up from time to time in my classes, and what I can say for sure is that people of ALL walks of life, ALL ethnicities, cultures, religions have found TFH and Kinesiology useful and (mostly) compatible, sometime with some adjustments. I know a couple who teach TFH in Saudi Arabia, and the husband teaches the men in one room, the wife works with the women in the other, but they use a Skype connection between the room, so they see and hear all the lecture, comments and experiences from both groups!

    TFH is a system that works well as a whole, but can also be used partially according to time, circumstances, preferences or personal beliefs. I think it is true that we have a significant influence from Chinese Medicine on both our philosophy/model of health (holistic energy balance as primary in creating Wellness and preventing illness) as well as our specific techniques (meridians, acupressure points, 5 Element theory).

    That means there may be some ideas from Taoism in TFH, but those ideas also correspond to ideas from Christianity or from quantum physics! However, if I have a student who only feels comfortable testing the muscles and balancing with direct physical/neurological reflexes of the muscle, we can still help them a lot with whatever part of the system they are comfortable using.

    And maybe there are some people who don’t believe muscle testing is valid or useful, or that some concept or technique from TFH conflicts with their beliefs, and they prefer not even to try it to see what could be the beneficial results. We respect their their choice and congratulate them in taking care of themselves for their own highest good!

    I think the Self-responsibility model allows us to support people of any set of beliefs to choose for themselves what fits, and what they don’t like! It allows us to be helpful across languages, cultures, religions, ages, etc. etc.

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