Assessing Digestive Function using Diagnostic Muscle Testing



All of us in the healing arts who are practicing at some level in a healing or health care profession at one time or another have worked with patients who had fairly complex symptomatology going on, Whatever our style of practice, whatever our methodology of diagnoses and/or treatment all of us are trying to achieve one thing with our patient and that is to assist them in healing whatever the problem is that brought them to our offices in the first place. Whether or not we choose to use meridian therapy, bioenergetic balancing, structural balancing or any other form of neural, bioenergetic or physiological technique, there is one process which is necessary for any true healing mechanism to occur. That process is the ability of the body to regenerate itself at the cellular level. One of the characteristics of living organisms is that they are able to regenerate the parts of themselves, i.e. cells, These cells are able not only to regenerate but repair themselves and all true permanent healing involves cellular regeneration.

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