Awaken the Dance Within



This information accompanies a workshop being presented at the conference. The workshop offers a lively and inviting class/presentation format which can be used by any teacher or practitioner of any TFHS method for the purpose of introducing muscle testing, balancing, and themselves as practitioner/teacher to the general public, with the purpose of gaining exposure and clients/students eager to learn more about what muscle testing and TFHS have to offer.

The format being presented, the Somatic Integration Process, is movement based, fun and simple. It allows the exploration of belief systems, physical movement, or nearly any issue through the metaphor of movement, with the use of TFHS techniques and muscle testing to create breakthroughs. Participants all get a personal experience of the changes possible through TFHS, have a great time, and they end up with curiosity, excitement and eagerness to learn more about TFHS, muscle testing and themselves. At the end of a one-and-a-half or two hour experience, the teacher or practitioner can make the invitation to participants to explore TFHS possibilities by coming to them for sessions or attending classes.

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