Balancing the Energy Centers (Chakras) with Emotions





A long time before we notice a physical imbalance or symptom we are having imbalances in our subtler bodies. Each Energy Center controls a major system within the body! It is therefore very useful to test the Energy Centers. We will be teaching how to correct the imbalances with positive emotions.

Over the past years we have been teaching Biokinesiology courses in Denmark and would like to share with you how to test for Energy Center Imbalances, because they are so important! Each energy center controls a major system or type of tissue within the body. John Barton describes these plexuses as energy centers (some people describe them as chakras). A plexus is comprised of nerves which divide, join and again subdivide in a very complex manner forming a network.

To determine whether there is a major imbalance in any of these energy centers, first find any strong indicator. Pre tests the the indicator for:

switching water overenergy .

When all tests are OK, you are ready to go on.




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