Be on the Winning Side of Interpersonal Relationships



Nine areas and steps will help you achieve success in business and any communication, This is done by:

  1. 1,  Modifying our behaviours and approach
  2. 2,  Acknowledging the other’s needs
  3. 3,  Focusing on similarities between us

    As explained in great depth in Under the Code

by Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside, a person’s physical traits, especially in the face and head, can offer important clues to their behavior and thinking styles, The information in this paper is based on Under the Code and many years of personal experience in the business world,

Few people will fit the exact description of each trait, but this outline will give you a guideline as to what a particular person may be like. Learning the combinations and reactions is just one way of how you can move to the winning side of relationship.

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