B’s Before Balance



Years ago, 1976 or 77, I heard the-not-yet- famous, Sheldon Deal, D.C., speak at a National Health Federation meeting in Denver. I was impressed and intrigued, when he muscle tested the volunteer prone on a table for vitamins and minerals during the demo. Later, I shared a bit of this information at a ShakleeChristmasparty. Duringtheevening, Nancy, the hostess, dressed in a beautiful red plaid-skirted, white-bloused dress, volunteered to lie on the floor (since we had no table) to be tested for vitamins. A little crazy! Remember this is the way I had seen Dr. Deal do the tests – with the client prone. Checking the few points I learned from him, Nancy tested strong with two – three C’s etc. Assuming from other lectures and studying I’d done, that she was deficient in B’s. because of her heavy smoking, we placed six/seven B’s on her abdomen resulting in a weak muscle response. I added more. Still weak. More-still weak. Finally – the whole container, 25 or more of the B’s -still weak! All these people gathered around watching, including the pastor of her church who solemnly claimed it “the work of the devil”. Couldn’t get that arm strengthened. “Well, Nancy, ” I proclaimed, ” you are so deficient you don’t have enough B’s in your house to get that arm strong.”

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