Correcting Pain Using Over Energy



Some years ago, the sewer in my home backed up, There was sewer water in the bathtub, shower, and most of the sinks, In the Southwest United States, our homes were built with a vent to the sewer that comes out the roof of the house. I could have had a plumber bring his “snake” and clean out the system, but money was tight in those days, and I had a creative idea, I had members of my family hold rags over the drains of all the sinks, showers and tubs in the house while I climbed up on the roof of the house with a garden hose, I pushed the hose down the sewer vent and plugged up the remainder of the vent with a rag, I now had the hose turned on full blast. All of my family members that were blocking drains could feel the pressure grow. Finally, the sewer unblocked as the pressure blew whatever the obstruction was out of the pipes and into the city sewer system,

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