Crystal Consciousness

Jane Frey



Discover the wonder of the Crystal Consciousness Connection during this experiential demonstration. Experience an infusion of consciousness energy/crystalline energy into body, mind, and spirit for improved health and wellness. In a similar way to how our Charkas, Hara Line, Core Star, and Auric Field holds the memory of every passing moment of our experience (past/present/future), crystalline energy holds the experience, memory, patterns and paradigms of greater consciousness; that of collective experience found in families, society, cultures, time frames, and dimensions. This collective energy may contain expectations and limitations that filter our perception of our true nature through a lens that may obscure our experience of each present moment. In its true nature Crystal Consciousness connects us to all the knowledge and wisdom of the universe. The beauty of working with crystalline energy in the body, mind and spirit is that it releases our true nature to what spirit intends for us, opening up infinite possibilities. Crystal Consciousness Connection has evolved from my experiences as a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and Instructor, Reiki Master and Teacher, and Healing Pathway Practitioner.

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