Cure Your Own Allergies in Minutes



This material is extracted from my book, Cure Your Own Allergies in Minutes, which will be published later this year (English, French, and German editions). Obviously, I cannot explain everything in only a short presentation, but I will demonstrate these Key Concepts:

1. Meridian Energy Balancing
2. Allergy Testing and Correction 3. Tolerance Testing and Increase

The ori&inal definition of allergy is “altered reac- tion.” My definition of allergy is “when meridian energy is altered by exposure to a substance” (thereby weakening an indicator muscle). How- ever, only those muscles connected to the spe- cific affected meridians will weaken, necessitat- ing the laborious testing of muscles on all meridi- ans or the use of special reflexes (the best of which, that I have found, is described below).

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