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I spent one month on a once a week -basis teaching two art therapy classes (#1 A.M. Advanced, and #2 P.M. Regular) at St. Madeleine Sophie’s Training Center in El Cajon, California.

The morning class met from 10-12 and the afternoon class from 1-2:30. The classes had 8-10 adults who are retarded and their ages range from 21 years to 48 years of age. Most of them have been taught Creative Art by Sue Macnofsky. This technique tises natural right hemisphere drawing ~nd painting exercises to achieve access to the right brain or creative hemisphere~

Mv month’s stay as & substitlJte teacher ga’leme a chance to add some simple E-K techniques which tended to integrate the right left hemispheres without hampering the creative methods they have been trained for by Sue.

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