Empathic Sensing and Visual Impairment



The work I am presenting is based on the use of eye rotations for defusing or deprogramming belief systems. If you have no understanding of Eye Rotations or how they are used, please refer to Brain Gym by Paul Dennison or Defusing Negative Personality Traits by Dr. Wayne Topping. Using eye rotations to defuse stress spots in the visual field works well with the use of empathic sensing. They work together to give your clients a great sense of being totally supported through the change s they are making. In brief we will use eye rotations (ER) to help locate and defuse stress that the body is holding in relation to a particular belief system. You will see how the eye responds under stress at stress spots. We will cover the use of empathic sensing and how we can use it to build rapport with clients. And finally I will provide you with a short list of do’s and don’ts in regards to using empathic sensing.

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