Freedom From Allergies Through KCA





It is estimated that 90 percent of the population suffers from allergies. In some instances the reactions are predictable. But for others the reactions are not predictable. They vary radically and appear unexpectedly making diagnosis elu- sive and pre-treatment nearly impossible.

For those whose lives are merely disrupted by the discomfort of the reaction, simple anti-hista- mines or topical remedies bring temporary relief until the season passes. But for those whose lives are threatened, long term immunotherapy or complete avoidance is the only hope the medical field can offer. The solution, as we all know, is expensive and time consuming.

Most people finally resort to a lifetime of depriv- ing themselves of many of the things in life that bring them joy and fulfillment. The common complaints are, “my allergies have taken control of my life”, and, “the very things that I want to make me happy are the very things that I react to the most”.




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