Hidden Levels of Muscle Unbalance which Limit the Access to the Information of the Human Biological Computer




The purpose of the following material is to allow the Kinesiology practitioner to understand the tested muscle reaction during muscle monitoring and to try to understand what caused it to find the most suitable balance.

The test used at IKSEN (Institute of Specialized Kinesiology and Naturopathy) is the one used in Three-In-One and Applied Physiology, i.e. the test performed with the muscle in the contracted and extended position. According to this research, during the test in contraction or facilitation, the indicator muscle can be found in 7 states or conditions. These 7 conditions can be also found when we evaluate the extended muscle.

In the following paper, I am going to describe only how to evaluate the muscle state when it is in a contracted position. We must not forget that every single state can be called in a different name according to the various schools of Kinesiology.

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