Homolateral Muscle Repatterning



This technique was one of the original corrections used by Dr. Paul Dennison who is the founder of Educational Kinesiology. It is based on this premise that both the brain and body need to work in harmony together. It is easy to realize that all of our muscles should be receiving instructions from both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. When this is not happening, and instead, our muscles are receiving messages from only one hemisphere of the brain, we call these homolateral muscles. Since each muscle we are testing has a relationship to not only a particular meridian but to a specific organ or gland, over time it can create an imbalance in the system. These imbalances may possibly result in a variety of symptoms such as tension headaches, shoulder pain, ‘ringing’ in the ears and an inability to release stress appropriately, to name just a few, People who fall into the category of having addictive type personalities, such as chronic smokers, for example or persons suffering from respiratory problems, may be among the types of people who could greatly benefit from the Homolateral Muscle Correction procedure.

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