How to Do Psychological Corrections




Although the origins of kinesiology are rooted in working on the physical body, in Health Kinesiology the psychological realm is where most energy corrections take place. HK’s development of psychological techniques began before 1980. This elaboration took the shape of Psychological Structures, now including some nineteen different forms, We can muscle test while the person thinks about any given topic (we always meridian energy balance a person before any testing). A weakened muscle indicates the person is stressed by that thought. We do not need to know what the person thinks about. We call this Personal Stress Reduction. A variation on this is to utilize a list of common psychological stressors as a check list, testing each in turn. However, in HK we have procedures which allow us to determine what is the most important item (of any type) for the person, even though they may not be consciously aware of the item, We literally build the item, word by word, using the system of structures as a guide.

We also use extensive lists of words, each of which has occurred in a correction for someone, This technique is demonstrated. We also utilize Life Transformers© in place of corrections, for corrections, and as an adjunct to corrections. Life Transformers are gemstones which have been specially modified to gently produce balanced energy patterns, mostly of a psychological nature. These are also demonstrated.

Several appendices provide additional details on meridian energy balancing, Personal Stress Reduction (PSR), psychological item structures, and Life Transformers.

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  1. bkesty on November 7, 2014 at 3:00 pm said:

    Excellent overview of this modality with useful tables and checklists

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