How to Test for and Support the Body Against Mercury and Fluoride




I believe the reason for the changes is because the jaw muscles become tense under trauma, as part of flight/fight/freeze/survival, and releasing the jaw muscles helps take the client out of those states. As an example, in a life or death situation the body goes into survival mode and this can switch off hydrochloric acid production, because survival is a higher priority than digestion. When dinosaurs were around, being chased by a dinosaur would have caused a person to go into survival mode. In modern times it seems to take much less of a trauma for some people – dental braces seem to cause massive neurological imbalances, maybe because the ligaments in the teeth are being stressed. Also chronic bullying can have the same effect. It can also be a build up of smaller traumas. The average child now gets 40 vaccinations, and each one is a physical trauma! Add to that some vaccines now contain aluminum. Fluoride magnifies the toxic effects of aluminum tenfold!

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