Integrative Kinesiologie is a form of Kinesiology with its own Faculty and its own competence. Integrative stands for a Kinesiology that
• respects the professional background of a person as well as his inner wisdom
• is open to all other developments in Kinesiology, integrating new information into the

• abides by the Code of Ethics of the IKe


Integrative Kinesiologie was founded in September 1985. It was a one year program (150 classroom hours) and was offered in different modules (every Tuesday evening or once a month either from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon or Monday until Wednesday lunchtime).
The program was offered from 1985 until 1989. 71 students completed the study.

The students asked for a continuation of the course and this is why the program was extended, first to two and in May 1987 to 3 years.

Up until July 1998 this Professional Kinesiology Program called Integrative Kinesioiogie with 450 classroom hours has been completed 16 times.
323 students have finished the full program.
At the moment, 8 programs in Integrative Kinesiologie are taught simultaneously, 6 in ZUrich, 2 in Lucerne. This means that 150 students are presently involved in the course.

The courses for Fall 1998 as well as those in 1999 (3 classes with 22 students) are fully booked. More than 150 applicants are on the waiting list.

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