Is Wheat a Heavy Metal?




As soon as we came home from IKC/I-ASK Conferences of 1991, we started to work with the new techniques that were developed by the various specialists and presented during the congresses. Among these techniques, the one presented by Sheldon Deal, DC, at the 1991 TFH and I-ASK Annual Meetings, about the detoxification of heavy metals, was used almost daily. At the same time, we started to study two books, Allergies and Candida by Steven Rochlitz (ref. 1), and Tired or Toxic by Sherry Rogers, MD, (ref. 2). These two books have something in common: they say that we should be extremely careful with the allergies derived from food and environmental components. As among the foods, wheat, corn, and sugar, are major components of our dairy diet., we decided to check our clients on them, in our institute in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil (Instituto Brasileiro do Balanceamento Muscularo) . To our surprise, and astonishment, all the clients checked had wheat, corn, and sugar allergies! And, more than that, the wheat allergy had greater priority to their bodies than even a heavy metals intox- ication!

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