Jet Lag and Touch For Health

Renate Kraft



Jet Lag can occur following a flight when the energy body lags behind the rapid movement of the physical body in the course of the flight. The “physical body” is the first to arrive at the destination with the “energy body” lagging behind, arriving hours or even days later. During this interim we may experience Jet Lag, i.e., a disassociation of our energy body from our physical body. We not only fly around the world, we also fly through time zones. Jet Lag wastes our best resources, time and vitality. Every year hundreds of millions of dollars are lost through bad decisions, faulty communication, accidents, and impaired productivity as a result of Jet Lag. With the help of the following method it is now possible to avoid the negative effects of Jet Lag, In a gentle and simple way one can tap specific acupressure points on the hands, knees and feet.

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