Karmic Forgiveness Balance




We are about to explore a blend of karma, forgiveness, Non-Violent Communication (NVC) principles, self-responsibility and kinesiology.

Karma means action. It is part ofthe operational software of our souls. Action creates memory, which creates desire, which creates action. When we have an experience that we judge as uncomfortable, inap- propriate or painful, we tend to separate from this energy in order to survive the moment. We wall off the experience, creating an energy cyst of unprocessed emotional energy (a karmic program) that runs the software of our soul. (The book Holodynamics by Victor Woolf explains our holographic nature).

Karmic programs litter the body and energy field and can run our life like sub-personalities. Have you ever thought, “Why am I doing this again?” “I thought I healed this already!” Put that on hold. Ifwe
judge ourselves during the healing process, we stall out or worse, create more barriers.

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