Keep a Positive Attitude to be a TFH Instructor





“As he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Thinking on that which is positive is vital. “According to your faith”, Jesus told two blind men who asked for sight “let it happen to you”. It happened for them because they had a positive attitude and believed. Do we work toward the goal of being a successful T.F .H. Instructor with confidence and vigor, not a doubting or drifting willy nilly? Think a goal negative and get negative results. Think positive and get positive results. Doubts are traitors that make us lose what we might win if we didn’t fear to let go.

Here’s what could happen to us. Maybe after completing a program or because of not completing a program, we could feel inadequate. Why not try this approach. Whenever confronted with seemingly negative situations, consider the good that will come from our responding resourcefully in such situations.




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