Kinesiology with McTimoney Chiropractic -For Humans and Animals



McTimoney Chiropractic, as with Kinesiology, is a “whole body treatment” – which was one of the basic principles that attracted me to study this form of Chiropractic back in 1985, I have often found that when analyzing what the body needs by use of a muscle check, i.e. Mc Timoney chiropractic, TFH Balance, Edu-K Balance, Stress Management, Hyperton-X work, etc, the first choice the client’s body will make is McTimoney Chiropractic – then followed by one of the other principles, In the early days I would check out the client with a TFH assessment before administering the Chiropractic treatment, On rechecking the assessment I would find that only one or two things needed to be done, i.e, and ICY correction, a Hypertonic Muscle correction, or just one acupressure holding point, It was so simple, Now I practise the other way around, first the McTimoney treatment and then check what the body may need to complete the healing process,

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