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The talents of Touch for Health and E-K Instructors are unique and special. They are something that only you can offer. You have valuable skills that you can share with people who really need it or they can be used just for yourselfl Are you developing them to the fullest? Do you enjoy a sense of accomplishment when you share information that really helps another human being?

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2 Thoughts on “Looking Forward to the Future

  1. HI moderator,
    Looking at the 1986, Kim Vieira Conference Journal Intro paper,
    I notice it skips from page 4 to page 7, and there does seem to be a gap in the information…
    Did some pages get skipped in the scan?

  2. WOW! This introduction to the 1986 conference from my uncle, Kim Vieira, is definitely one for the time capsule. His reflections on the future of TFH and Edu-K back in 1986 resonate with me as we near the end of the year in which we celebrated 40 years of TFH in Malibu.

    Many of his suggestions for envisioning our individual and group futures are timeless and ring true for where we are today. Also, the rest of the topics in the journal are fascinating- a photo of my father, John Thie, from his 0nce-in-a-lifetime visit to Poland, reports from TFH in the Soviet Union, and presenters from around the world. In the past couple years there has been a lot of new Kinesiology activity starting up in Russia. Wayne Topping has trained a new first generation of TFH Instructors. And I will be visiting Moscow in May 2014 (as I write, there is a Russian Kinesiology Conference taking place!).

    Definitely worth a read!
    IN touch,

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