Love Your Back Muscles

Ueli Meier-Estrada



In 1996 a client of mine asked me whether I could assist him in a training course for dentists he was giving on “Ergonomics and Back-Prophylaxis for Dental Practitioners” by presenting some aspects from the field of Kinesiology. From then on I started work on developing a special Back-Balance technique. I mainly chose muscles relating to the shoulder blades and the lumbar area. In combination with the Five Chinese Elements I selected the following muscles: The Supraspinatus (ZG) and the Teres major (GG) were given. For the Earth-Element I spontaneously chose the Latissimus dorsi, one of the biggest back muscles. Its form reminds one of a butterfly, which fits the Earth-Element very well. These three muscles all have their insertion on the upper arm.

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