Making TFH Easier



The TFH material includes a large amount of information, techniques and expertise which classes aim to impart to the students. It is advisable, therefore, for the students to be able to learn the material easily and to absorb and apply the information as quickly as possi ble. None of the material is very obscure or difficult. It is just that the very amount makes for overwhelm and so causes difficulty. However, if the material were to be arranged in a simple and very easy and logical pattern, it would be of enormous benefit. This would be particularly true for the lay person, the person for whom the TFH synthesis is expressly designed. Of course, such a method would also make life much easier for professionals.

This paper is an attempt to make the learning of TFH easier. It will also make it easier to teach. The methods applied are a cbuoking down and a rearrangement of the basic material, as follows:

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