Murray’s Affirmations Revisited



When my affirmations were first printed in the 1988 edition of the annual papers, the first section was omitted. There is an interesting story as to why these were developed and how they are used, I am going to fill you in on this part.

For most of my life, I had been diagnosed as mentally ill. The first diagnosis was hypochondriac, the second was schizophrenic, the third was manic – depressive and today, they call it bi-polar, I didn’t care what they called it, I knew I was not going to live my life this way, Deep down inside, I just knew it.

I had opened a health food store in 1973, thinking that food was the answer to my problem, This helped a little bit. I took the Instructor Training Workshop in 1980 as a result of a lawsuit that the medical profession had brought against my husband, This helped a little bit.

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