Muscle and Organ-Gland Associations



In AK and Touch for Health every muscle is associated with a meridian, and, following traditional Chinese medicine, every organ and gland is also associated with a meridian. Thus we can hypothesize that every muscle is associated with an organ or gland, and vice versa. Furthermore this suggests that by balancing all the muscles in a body will balance all the organs and glands, and thereby bring the body to an improved state of health. Meridian Central Governing Stomach Spleen Heart Small Intestine Bladder Kidney Direct knowledge of these associations, as revealed in the following table, can help to guide a therapist in their course of balancing with their client. The information in this table is derived from the “Touch for Health” book by John F. Thie, DC, and “A Muscle/Organ! Remedy Correlation” by Timothy D. Francis, MS, DC, DIBAK, DHM, published in the Spring, 2000, issue of the AK journal.

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