Muscles, Mindfulnes and Meaning




When you have a muscle tested in the Touch For Health way, are you ever startled when it comes up weak? “Surprising,” you say, “I’m not feeling all that bad!” At other times, you expound on the emotions of tiredness, inadequacy, helplessness, etc. which you feel when you have a weak muscle. When it is strengthened, does it feel any different? You may not feel too much change in the muscle itself, but you probably declare that you have a feeling of lightness and ease, and that you now can hold your limb in position without effort! You might even project your feelings on to the tester, claiming that he or she isn’t pushing as hard this time! If this little scenario sounds familiar, you may want to ask yourself, the next time you have a muscle tested, whether you are feeling the actual muscle itself or whether you are feeling the emotions associated with a strong or a weak muscle. In other words, are you talking about the feeling or are you experiencing it?

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