Neural Organization Technique is a specifically organized examination and treatment protocol utilizing Kinesiological methods as the only modality for both examination and treatment. The N.O.T. concepts are all based on the organized and synchronized function of the primary survival systems which have been designated as Feeding, Fight -Flight, Reproduction and the Immune Systems.

All physiological, neurological, vegetative and cogni- tive activity must function within these survival systems in an organized and integrated manner. These systems must be organized within themselves first and then must be in- tegrated and synchronized with each other. Nothing hap- pens in or to the body without a total body awareness of the incident. This awareness is communicated through an intact nervous system so that the body can and does ac- commodate the particular incident and can act appropri- ately to survive. Because these systems are involved in our basic survival they must also of necessity be reflex in na- ture, that is, automatic, needing no cognitive activity to function. Trauma in all of its possibilities can and does disrupt the neural programs within these reflex systems which then send inappropriate signals to the body.

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