Neuro-Emotional Technique, Using the Sense of Smell



Dr. Scott Walker developed the Neuro- Emotional Technique, deriving it from the Ridler sequences and adjustments on the spine. These adjustments are performed in a specific order, and in sequencing originating from Total Body Modification as developed by Victor Frank.

Dr. Walker put together the neuro-emotional complex, which has similarities to John Upledger’s “Somatic Emotional Cyst” as percei ved in Craniosacral work. This neuro- emotional complex is a blockage that generally stems from childhood, though it can have its roots in adulthood. The concept is that you were out of balance when an emotion became locked in an organ or a gland. Usually, this emotion invades the spinal nerve supply. Unless it is released, it will continue to affect you forever.

Chronic problems will notify the practitioner of the appropriate use of NET in performing the series of steps to identify the emotion, its time, its organ, before clearing it.

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