Our Illusive Ileocecal Valve: It’s Important to Your Health & TFH Balances




Ironically, I’m currently dealing with assisting my own ileocecal valve as I write this paper. Since it’s happened before, I know much of what to do, but have been procrastinating to do “it”. For me, it takes prep time to be ready and diligent for 10 days to three weeks doing the recommended diet to help the valve heal. A bit of background that piqued my interest in writing this paper for our Touch for Health conference:

Years ago when my daughter, Sheri, was a teenager, we took a swimming class together at the development where we lived. As you may know, besides completing all the swimming strokes, laps, etc. there was a written test we needed to take. I did fine “in the water”, but struggled to read the book for the test … I couldn’t see the “small” print. So I bought the highest wattage light bulb I could find at that time … still couldn’t read that darn “small” print.

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