Over Focus – The Posture of Our Times




Bill smells smoke in the room. A doctoral candidate in his last semester of classes, he methodically finishes the page he is reading before acting upon his instincts to investigate the fire.

Janet, age 13, has always had perfect vision. An enthusiastic swimmer and dancer, she now wears lenses for near-sightedness and spends all of her time indoors studying and watching television.

Victoria, age 26, has pain in her back and neck. She has had a sudden weight gain since becoming a computer transcriber. She is unable to focus her eyes nor make eye contact, and her neck seems to be disappearing into her shoulders ••

What do these people have in common? They all share the “overfocused” posture which is a major challenge to our culture today. Experts estimate that 8 out of 10 people will need prescriptive lenses in their lifetime due to stress related visual complications. Both the visually gestalt-oriented person and the visually-analytic-oriented person are vulnerable to the stresses of a society that disproportionately rewards focusing on near-point tasks. The physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of these people, if uncorrected, are a staggering responsibility.

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