Pectoralis Major Clavicular – An Applied Physiology Approach



The pectoralis major muscle is *,cated on the frontal chest wall. It provides str~ctural protec- tion to the upper chest along the ernum. up to and including. the medial half the clavicle. This muscle is divided into two sections. the clavicular segment and the ste nal segment. The clavicular portion is innervat d by efferent nerve fibers originating from th 5tho 6th and 7th spinal segments. through the bracial plexus and on into the lateral pectoral n rve bundle to the muscle.

The pectoralis major clavicul (PMC) origi- nates from the anterior half of t e sternal end of the clavicle. It extends later ly across the lower borders of the acromian pr cess where its spindle cells predominate. tuck ng under the anterior deltoid and inserting to e lower half of the lateral bicipital groove of t humerus.

The insertion of the PMC is rossed under and upward on the humerus to he greater tu- bercal by the pectoralis major ternal (PMS). This insertion is just lateral on e humerus to the insertion of the latissimus orsi which is just lateral to the teres major. T e insertion of the subscapularis is superior and medial. while the insertion of the deltoid is infe or and parallel to the PMC.


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