Principles of Color Light Therapy



Color light therapy is also known as chromatherapy, spectrachrome, light therapy and color harmonics. In its purest form color is energy and is carried in light and is constantly in motion. A denser form of this energy, for example, would be colors seen in the clothes we wear, the food we eat and how we see the coloration of objects and nature based on our perception of visible surroundings. Everything in Nature and all life on Earth is influenced and ‘colored’ by this visible rainbow spectrum. There are seven primary colors carried in light that are further distilled into shades, combinations and patterns explored in color harmonics. The warming colors – red, orange and yellow and the cooling colors are sky blue, indigo and violet. Green is the great equalizer for the magnetic-warming and electric-cooling colors. We are surrounded by light and interact with it in our lives as our visible spectrum, delivered to us from the Sun, radiates and influences our every move through our energy field supporting life and creating harmony and a natural state of balance.

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