Rick seemed be set by insurmountable problems before he started working with Dr. Sheldon Deal (whose article also graces this journal) and also using some Touch For Health. Now there’s no holding Rick down and his enthusiasm is infectious. Rick lives in Tucson, Arizona – took his Instructor Training Workshop at Eden, Arizona in February, 1980. It was tremendous attending the 1981 annual meeting and sharing the latest in Touch for Health Techniques. If you remember I was fortunate to be able to share with you all a technique known as “Priorities”. For those of you who missed it or may have forgotten the following is for you. Prior to the use of this technique, if a muscle was found to be weak it was customary to go ahead and strengthen it by means of meridian tracing, neuro-vascular holding, neuro-Iymphatic massage, accupressure holding points, or whatever other technique you may use to strengthen.

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One Thought on “PRIORITIES

  1. Very interesting paper on “priorities”, which these days in Touch for Health we call Circuit Locating to find the involved reflex. As with so many things, it begins with Dr. Goodheart, is utilized and expanded within the Applied group, and presented to the TFH group by Sheldon Deal. This article has the appearance of a “first” presentation of the “therapy localization” from AK, which we now call Circuit Locating when we use it, the way we use it, in Touch for Health. There are some additional details here, not all completely clear from the paper, and a short-cut or two are suggested. A historical footnote, as well as some potentially valuable details for practice, related to a concept and procedure that is now pretty universally used in Energy Kinesiology or Specialized Kinesiology, even to the point of being the central organizing factor for many practitioners.

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