Protection – Creating a Safe Space



The best, and, if you have it, the only necessary protection is a constantly grounded and centred sense of Self; confident, compassionate, conscious of every word, deed and thought, at one with the Divine, living in an abundant, just world, For those times when we or our surroundings fall short, we need to use a preventative as well as a proactive approach to protection.

If we are given the gift of self esteem from our parents, or we have learned as adults to be sure in our Selves and with our destinies, we are well protected from the turmoil and violence we are bound to encounter on this earthly walk. But most people are affected significantly by the negative actions, thoughts and energies of the world around us, Many of us who are “sensitives”, that is, open to energies, change and growth on many levels are prone to”bumout”, depression, chronic injuries and stress conditions, In particular, those who choose to live lives of service compassion, care-giving and healing often find themselves unprotected from the tensions of those with whom they work, taking on stress as others release, Even counselling informally often results in irritation or tiredness,

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