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This article has been inspired by eight years of private practice. Based upon this experience, it is my intention to share some thoughts and ideas that have proven to support “quality balancing” with my clients. So often, due to circumstances, we may only have the chance to balance or work with someone once – especially if you are travelling and teaching at the same time. Or perhaps, like myself, (most of the time) I am able to see people for follow-up sessions. In either case, our time is often limited, and our knowledge is great! How do we make the most of our time spent sharing and teaching others? The following is a basic format that my associate Steve Ariss and myself have developed over the years at our New Method Kinesiology Institute to ensure quality, so that you and your client are able to reap the maximum benefit from your balancing and your knowledge. Feel free to utilize or implement part of this article into your own specialized form of balancing.

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