Re-Discovering Learning: The New E-K Workshop Book




The new E-K Consultant’s Manual, written especially for those working with people of any age who have difficulty with academics, is being written and will soon be available at Advanced E-K “Re-Discovering Learning” ‘Workshops planned for the fall of 1986. Academic areas covered in the Manual include reading, writing, spelling, speaking, listening, math, and study skills. Contents of the Manual include goals, pre- and post-tests, and high energy materials with directions for skill-building mini sessions to follow an E-K I or E-K II balance. Slides and a description of the Pilot Project, using the new Manual with an eight year old boy who has schooling difficulties, indicate the many rich possibilities for the use of this book. Samples of one of the pre-tests and some of the high energy materials from the Manual reading unit will give the participant a taste of what will be taught in the three-day “Re- Discovering Learning” workshop.

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