Reactive Muscles Specifically Short Cut-Expanded Reactives Plus Eye Reactives and Ear Reactives




It all began when my daughter, Nancy, started 6th grade in Sept. 1982. She came home from school and reported that the teacher said not to come back to school until she got rid of her cough. At home, however, Nancy had no cough so I went in the next morning with nurse, principal, and teacher in tow and discovered that looking at the yellow walls in her classroom was what was causing the problem. I then understood why the teacher didn’t want her in school. This wasn’t just an ordinary cough but was an uncontrollable cough that wouldn’t stop until it ended in a choking and gagging. Setting the ileocecal valve stopped the coughing until she again got a glimpse of the wall — which was often. We had long ago stopped Nancy from using yellow pencils or wearing clothes with yellow in them because we had found that yellow weakened every muscle in her body when she came in contact with it. I had never thought to test looking at it.

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