Relieving Pain with Over Energy



Traditional acupuncture teaches us to draw over energy to under energy. We do this in Touch for Health when we do a five element balance. One night I was wondering what would happen if we broke that rule. The time of day balance that I discovered some years ago and taught at one of our annual meetings follows that principle. This procedure carries the principle one step farther. However, it is easier to demonstrate than it is to explain, so I will demonstrate.

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3 Thoughts on “Relieving Pain with Over Energy

  1. bkesty on March 18, 2015 at 4:28 pm said:

    Another very quick easy option for working with pain from Jim Reid

  2. dave poirier on May 4, 2015 at 7:12 am said:

    anyone know anything about the nineteen paraspinal muscles and there relationship to scoliosis dave

  3. This is a variation on the famous “Time of Day Balance” based on the 24 hour cycle of Peak Energy in the meridians, depicted on the 24 hour Meridian “wheel” or Meridian Clock. This is also referred to as the “Mid-day / Midnight Law” It goes a step further by double checking the Alarm points, and working the various reflex points for muscles not necessarily related to current time of day.

    For jetlag it can be quite effective to do Just the part of (checking the 14 muscles and then) working NL, NV & Meridian reflexes for the muscle related to the Meridian which has its peak energy at the current “time of day”. There are 3 general traditions A. Do the balance based on sun time at your departure and destination. B. Do the balance each time you CROSS A TIME ZONE. If you sleep through one, just pick up at the current time zone. C. On arriving at new time zone, be exposed to the natural ambient light, and do the balance for new time zone. Also, try to get on the regular sleep schedule immediately.

    As a PAIN CONTROL it’s a classic case of bringing global resources to where you have your attention and intention, Using the natural peak energy at the time of day to bring an abundance of energy into play. Or as Jim Reid seems to be suggesting here, get energy flowing to where it should naturally be high, therefore drawing the excess energy away from the pain area, which often results in decreased or elimination of pain.

    It’s a shortcut worth trying for any pain, if you can identify the muscle which corresponds to the pain, either geographically, functionally, or via the related meridian. (Ideally check the muscle either functionally- moving through range of motion- or best, by muscle testing and then) Just work all the reflexes you know (or find in your reference text 😉 and recheck function/pain. By automatically going with the muscle for the time of day, it’s a shortcut to balance any muscle/meridian.

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