Research: The Key to Recognition




At last year’s Annual meeting, there was a great deal of conversation centered around getting Touch For Health acknowledged as a legitimate method for promoting the total well-being of people. Many ideas were expressed as to how that could be accomplished. Some people felt that wider recognition of the organization through advertisement would be beneficial. Other suggestions included having more people experience the benefits of TFH, establishing a more formal educational system for teaching the TFH methodology, expressing through written documentation the benefits and changes brought about through the use of TFH. All of these ideas are valid approaches toward recognizing the value of TFH and its application to well-being. It is the opinion of this writer that the most difficult method to put into action would also be the most beneficial. While in the throes of a dilemma all solutions may seem radical and difficult, but in calmer moments of deliberation a more analytical approach can be perceived. For instance, let us consider recognition through advertisement. While this would be costly, it could certainly be effective. Providing a more formal educational system. This could also be costly, and establishing a curriculum would involve study that is not readily available in the current files of TFH.

What is left is written documentation. While usually not as costly, the commitment of time and personal effort cannot be measured in monetary value alone. It is the area of written documentation that I want to address.



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