Reversal on Different Levels



It is in my work with children that I_realized that a reversal occurs on different levels, not only with zip-up and zip-down. If with “zip down” the 1M is “strong” and “zip up” gives a “weak” response, I suppose that this person is reversed on the energetic level, the meridian. I was surprised when squeezing a muscle did not turn it off. but rather turned on the muscle (created a “strong” response). This means to me: reversed on the body level. The same can happen on the mental level. A “yes” results in a “weak” response, and a “no” gives a strong 1M, indicating then: reversed on the mental level. Structural – Chemical – Emotional Hand – Head – Heart Body – Mental – Psychic The reversal disappears as soon as the crucial aspect is found. One possibility to dissolve reversal is shown in the diagram below:

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