Sea Essences, Acupuncture, & Kinesiology



Sea Essences are subtle energy imprints of plants and animal life from the ocean which restore balance and harmony to the Body/Mind, They are prepared in a similar manner to flower essences, but no life is destroyed in the process.

Like other subtle energy remedies the effects of Sea Essences can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. However, their unique contribution to the field of vibrational medicine is that they impact directly on consciousness, often bringing to the surface deep patterns which have been held in the unconscious, In this way, Sea essences are particularly helpful in exploring aspects of being which have been hidden from awareness, Each Sea Essence carries its own unique vibration and has the ability to impact on energetic disturbances in the human energy field which are the precursors to dis-ease, Each of the first 12 Sea Essences works directly with a corresponding channel of Chinese medicine,

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